ZONA Med Spa Brand Identity & Collateral

Building branding, website and start up materials for Scottsdale med spa.

Project Intent

Michele Hunter had a small practice that she had self-titled ‘Michele Hunter Aesthetics’ but was growing, bringing on another employee with future goals for more as well as multiple locations. She asked for my advice and I gave her several brand recommendations, including a company with an easier name to spell and search for, that defined their business better, such as Med Spa. She was impressed and asked for me to help rebrand her.


Visual Identity

We brainstormed and ultimately came up with ZONA Med Spa as the name. I worked from there on many concepts and iterations before we settled on the one with the hand-drawn ‘O’, something to represent the targeting and their handcrafted approach to each client’s treatments plans. After some back and forth we built a brand guide, putting together many of my recommendations for their brand and how it all comes together.

CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Covers CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Pg2-3 CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Pg4-5 CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Pg6-7 CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Pg8-9 CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BrandGuidelines-Pg10-11


After working through brand basics, the immediate need was her website. Her old one was simple but in a bit of a mess from her prior web designer and she wanted it fixed and with the new brand quickly. We built a fully responsive site, showcasing the many different services, helping them bucket them nicely into three groups for ease of use on new potential customers. I also built a page that could add more staff as they grew and give a bit of information on each of their areas of expertise. The full experience can be found at zonamedspa.com.


Print Materials

The website was Michele’s official ‘launch’ of her brand, she wanted to follow it closely by replacing their printed menu of services for trade shows, business cards, and referral cards. I took the information from their prior cards and found more concise ways to organize the information as well as the addition of appointment times on their business cards to make them work a bit harder for them.

CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-Brochure-TriFold CoryVanNote-Portfolio-2017-ZONA-BusinessAndReferralCards-Vertical