Shaneland Arts Website

Working with a local art center to roll out their website during their grand opening. The site is built to support their gallery, shop, classes, coaching, and artist efforts.


Shaneland Arts is a new business in Phoenix, Arizona that will be a center that supports creativity of all kinds. The center features a gallery, classroom, creativity coach, artist spaces, and a shop that fits their bright, artistic, and pride aesthetic. They needed a website that could support all these avenues as well as support online booking and shopping.


I started working with basic wires to organize the key content blocks and page flow. Working to insure the things that mattered to them made it to the top. The homepage has a modular approach that can change and shift depending on their focus at the time. The other key categories are all broken into their own section with plenty of cross-marketing opportunity.


On of the marquee items they wanted to include was an animated logo at the start of the page, the final is built through SVG animation, but here is a preview of that look.

Using the orange and pride based color pallete, knowing the clients love for creativity and art, I found many opportunities to add bits of extra design and character that the client ended up loving. The site supports the needs and will scale as they grow while the foundation is simple and exactly what they wanted as they launch their brand.