PetSmart Brand Shoot

PetSmart photoshoot for website redesign and brand building to create library of dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile and small pets photos.

Project Intent

The latest senior leadership team behind PetSmart was looking for an updated look while updating website platforms. I was the lead Art Director on the web redesign, working with internal teams and an agency to re-layout, redesign and re-code the site in its entirety. The direction we started to take was a very modern site utilizing white space and over-sized type and images to create a fun, yet simple experience.  Our Creative Director also had challenged us to get as many of the pets with eyes locked on the camera as it was more engaging with our customers. The brand didn’t have the photography library to support this new launch, thus a new shoot was needed.


I led the team in organizing a two photographer set with many of the pet species PetSmart sold items for. I pulled together the team of 8 different Designers and Art Directors to direct the shoot, together the team put together concepts for categories, error pages, overall brand imagery and whatever came up as we shot. I worked with our in-house producer to pull location, book talent, select and order props, and tend to the other aspects to the photoshoot.


The result of the photoshoot was one of the best collaborative efforts I had while at PetSmart. Not only did we get all the shots we needed, we also got an excess of brand photography for use in other tactics as we built the PetSmart photo library. It was the effort that led and was the basis for similar shoots to come.

I was on set every day, was primary director on the bird and fish days, while the other days I played supporting roles to open collaborating Art Director on varying shots. Some of my favorite shots that I was responsible for are below.

While I was in a supporting role through concepts, shooting, etc. these shots were primarily directed by the broad team. Without the full collaboration a project of this scope wouldn’t have been possible and I had a blast on every day of this shoot. Here are some of the other brand shots that the larger team helped capture.

The social media team also captured some behind the scenes videos, they asked for some sound bites, but I hadn’t realized that they would make a whole video on me. For your enjoyment: