Macerich Kids Club

Creating a Kids Club campaign that supported the overall mall creative as well as a sustainable fun message for young children.


Many of the malls at Macerich had Kids Club programs for young kids to have a story, dance, craft, and learn. Recently we switched partners from Nat Geo to ASU and new curriculum was written around sustainable efforts. In addition to this, we were only a few months into our new campaign for all malls to simplify and unify messaging. The intent was to create a new Kids Club look that feels like it lattered up to our campaign while still sporting a childish, fun look.


After exploring several illustration styles and type lock-ups within our campaign fonts, we settled on a simple type layout that supported a cast of characters, loosely based upon the Kawaii-style illustrations. To fit in with the rest of our campaign, we sourced a few stock photos that fit into our campaign and dropped them onto a green background, a nod to the sustainable programming.


The marketing team and the field team loved the characters, support, and flexibility we had given them with the program. Most programs are only run by a handful of people at each center amongst their other duties. Having a kit of creative, curriculum, and templates for additional customization helped each center immensely.