Legend of Butterfield Farms Book Covers

A couple of ebook covers and a print jacket for a satirical children’s novel and a short story tie-in.


This author got in touch with me about a satirical children’s adventure that he was looking for a cover design for. After trading some ideas and going through an excerpt of the book, he was very open to creative exploration. This was going to be a fun project.



I started with researching a few other satirical books, leading me to a design that played off the gold bound book of legends with a satire nod, a direction which the author loved. I worked through the image on the cover, ultimately composing scenes using images of locations the author used as inspiration for the book. We repeated the process for a short story “Wrong Way Wayne” that tied into the novel.



The final covers are fun with a dash adventure. Originally these covers were created for digital ebook formats, but in the end we did create a print jacket for the novel to be print-on-demand.