My Website or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Work

After a year with taking the lazy route for my website, I’ve come to terms with my error in that judgement and what I learned to turn my site back around.

Kids, work and more work

It’s no secret, I keep busy. I have (at the time of writing this) a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. I love them and I leave as much of my daytime, when I’m not at my full-time job, for my family. Then there’s that a-fore-mentioned full-time job, that’s 40+ hours a week. And finally, freelance and any personal projects I undertake in the late evening hours. Yeah, busy, so it should come as no surprise I wanted to cut corners on my own stuff.

The hands-off website

I thought I had a great idea to kill my current WordPress website and go simple, by just feeding in my Behance content into my own site. That way, I had one point to update, just update my Behance site and my own site would keep up-to-date, right? Sounded simple, so I went for it, between some clients I killed my own site and quickly (also a mistake) whipped up a new site to simplify my own. As far as updating went I was a success, but overall it was a mistake.

What I learned

While I simplified the updating process for my portfolio, I committed SEO-suicide, lost my ability to sort or split up different mediums, I had no blog for non-portfolio quality projects or other thoughts and my poor quick design and code devalued my credibility as well. Overall, pretty terrible.

As you’re reading this now, you can tell I’ve learned the error of those lazy ways and I’ve started over from scratch, better showcasing myself, my portfolio and catching back up to where I should be. While the site slowly fills back up with content over the next few weeks, I now look forward to maintaining this site and bringing better quality to all that I do.