Why did you create Shaneland Arts?

Shaneland Arts is a safe place for artists to use a variety of ways to express their creativity. We support artists and individuality because the world needs more places—online and in real life—for people like us to congregate, share, inspire each other and send those collective ripples of orange-ness (or whatever color YOU claim) out into the world.

What IS Shaneland Arts?

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It’s so many things. In short, it’s a:

  • Gallery featuring all mediums
  • Artist studio and workspace
  • Place for art classes and workshops
  • Home base for Creativity Coaching
  • Retail space + online shop for artisan-made goods, LGBTQ-inspired products + art supplies

Who is Shaneland Arts created for?

Shaneland Arts is all about inclusivity. We are inclusive because it’s the right thing, it’s in the DNA of all we do, it’s not a token gesture or once-a-year celebration. Just be yourself.

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaches are like life coaches, but we focus more specifically on your creative work. As a Creativity Coach, Shane can help you to develop your artistic and humanistic talents. Like other Creativity Coaches, he has the training and knowledge to help artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs and other creative souls accomplish their dreams.

What if I’m interested in Creativity Coaching and don’t live in Phoenix?

You can sign up from wherever you are—sessions can be done via online video or in person in a private office setting at Shaneland Arts.

How much does Creativity Coaching cost?

You can buy single sessions ala carte for $125 an hour each. We also offer packages with reduced pricing.

Where does the stuff you sell come from?

We’re not your average retailer. We sell things but we’re also selling the vision, the heart, the inspiration and everything else behind how that thing, that work of art, came to be.

We focus on artisan-created products and works of art from all over the world. And we favor anything quirky and unique. Many of our products are limited edition, things you’ll only find here. Others are more readily available but hard to find.

How do I become a featured artist in the gallery? Or submit my products for consideration?

Fill out our form on our contact page to get in touch.

Do I have to be an artist to shop, learn or be me here?

No membership required. No posse necessary. Shaneland Arts is all about inclusivity. Show up and be you. If you value art and it interests you on any level, you belong here.

What’s with all the orange?

Visualize this: You’re walking away from a part of your life or just saying goodbye to the day and you look up toward the sky at sunset. Orange is the color of the end. Now envision yourself embarking on a new endeavor or waking up and looking toward the sky again—the sunrise is orange too. Orange is a reminder that beginnings are usually scary and endings can sometimes be sad but it’s everything in between that makes it all worth living. Live life in orange (or whatever your color of choice happens to be).

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