“I’m an artist, I’m doing this for artists and I wanna be with artists!”

That was my answer when I was asked casually about why the world needs Shaneland Arts. Especially the Creativity Coaching side of this all-inclusive space. Creativity Coaching really shines a light on the center’s holistic approach to catering to artists of all mediums and inspiring artists not only in Phoenix, but across the globe.

There are so many of us out there: the writer having trouble getting that last chapter out, the actor who is battling stage fright, a former dancer struggling with certain movements and body postures, the creative director dealing with the stress of creativity on demand, an artist preparing for their first gallery show, a potter who hasn’t touched a ball of clay for years, or a new graphic design grad who has to navigate the corporate world. Need I go on? We are, literally, everywhere.

And Creativity Coaching can transform and engage us all. We all need help finding ourselves or rediscovering the inner artist at times. That’s part of the process. We all get weary. But we can also all get back up. As I’m fond of saying, “Whatever you do, don’t stop creating.”

Creativity Coaching

Empowering you means helping you realize your abilities and potential, perhaps for the first time. Or, maybe you’ve always known what you can do, but your mojo was lessened or became hidden. We’ll help you bring it back to the surface.

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