Meet Shane R. McCall, your Creativity Coach

Shane’s philosophy is about remembering how freeing it is when you can get back to the version of yourself you were BEFORE outside forces told you who you should be. Do you remember that person? The one who appears briefly when you’re in your car and that one song you find infections comes on? The key is tuning back into that person: the child who sang unabashedly, made up lyrics, danced with abandon, painted with bare hands and believed getting messy was the key to the good life.

Shane specializes in inspiring creatives with optimism, humor and utilizing an incredible gift of coaxing out the creativity that’s always been inside of you, no matter how deep it’s buried. Helping you bring it back to the surface: that’s what he does. Shane moves beyond the idea that to create something you need predetermined steps to follow. Instead he believes creativity is achieved by translating your imagination.

Think of him as your truth serum. He brings forth a new perspective through a voice that’s motivating, encouraging and enabling.

One last note though: He’s not here to be the hero of your story. In fact, he’ll help you realize YOU are.

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There are many ways we can awaken the creativity lying dormant and at rest within you. It’s sleepy and out of shape no doubt. But it’s been there the whole time. Let’s wake it up together, dust it off and get it moving in a way that frees you.

One on one coaching

Group-themed coaching


Mentor Programs

Contact us today to find out what method will help you create the tools to coax out the creativity that has always been inside you. And help you create a structure that helps you maintain your momentum by creating prolifically.


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Online booking coming soon – reach us via our contact page

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“I’m an artist, I’m doing this for artists and I wanna be with artists!”

That was my answer when I was asked casually about why the world needs Shaneland Arts. Especially the Creativity Coaching…

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